More power to wheelchair users.
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Grippoz: empowering motion

Frustrated at watching his partner struggling to propel her wheelchair, Paul used his skills to design a solution. The result was Grippoz, a wheelchair rim cover with a unique grip feature. Grippoz enables users to manoeuvre the chair more easily and can assist users with little grip or strength to self propel.

Paul's partner Diana now has much more independence. When she goes out in her chair not only can she manoeuvre better herself but passers-by will stop and comment on the colourful wheelchair trims.

Speaking about how Grippoz has changed her life Diana says, "before when I went out I had to wait for Paul to come and push me along. When I first I went out with my Grippoz on I realised that I didn't have to wait for Paul and I went off myself into the hospital for my appointment. Every few metres people were stopping me to talk about Grippoz. The colourful rims really make my chair stand out more. For the first time people saw ME and were speaking to me in my chair and not the person pushing me. It was just wonderful."




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